STRAMATEL displays the score of the Taiwanese “Super Basketball League”.

The Taiwanese “Super Basketball League” uses FIBA Level 2 approved scoreboards and shot clocks.

The STRAMATEL electronic scoreboards are exported to the end of the world.

The Taiwan’s Professional Basketball championships are hosted by sport venues equipped with STRAMATEL scoring solutions. Created in 2003, the “Super Basketball League” is a semi-professional league composed of 4 teams. The league is better known under the short name “SBL”.

The National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan is equipped with set of Level 2 approved scoreboards and shot clocks. This is the 452 MB 7120-2 scoreboard. The equipment is complemented by 24-second Timer Super Pro attack time display and LED strips. These scoreboards and shot clocks are certified by the International Basketball federation. STRAMATEL brings its expertise and supply its product in Asia once again.

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