Become a distributor !

Become a distributor !

Thanks to a strong distributor network, Stramatel exports electronic scoreboards, video systems, clocks, timers and swimming timing systems worldwide for more than 25 years.

 Our goal is to be present in all markets, so we are constantly looking for new partners

We like to create successful partnerships with local dealers to look after all projects Stramatel can help with.
As most of Stramatel turnover comes from export sales, the organization, the corporate culture, the products and processes are made to suit the best way to each country’s requirements and distributors expectations.

Team up with the No. 1 manufacturer in Sports display !

Choosing Stramatel is the right choice for so many reasons :


Stramatel provide top quality products :

  • Quality : Best design and quality on the scoreboards market
  • Innovative : Enjoy lots of great features including some that you will see nowhere else.
  • Everything : very large product range and customized solutions.
  • Long lifetime : Average scoreboard lifetime is 15 to 20 years.
  • Easy maintenance : No maintenance needed, and when something is wrong, use the drawer system including all electronics to be sent back and fixed by Stramatel service.

Regarding service

Stramatel gives you the best service on the market :

  • Sales and marketing support : Enjoy a main dedicated contact person to refer to for your development and projects.
  • Respect : We guarantee BtoB business only ; your customers can’t by directly from Stramatel.
  • Technical support : Before and after your sales, a Stramatel technician is available to help the way you prefer.
  • Availability : We assure you fast and effective replies.

What about the price

  • Stramatel offers a wide price range to suit to all budget.
  • Thanks to our expertise, control of the development and manufacturing process, Stramatel can supply the best products for a very competitive price.

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