Stramatel supplies electronic scoreboards, video solution and shot clocks in Roland-Garros Stadium

Stramatel has entered the emblematic Roland-Garros stadium. For an exceptional event, STRAMATEL has been the partner of Paris Basketball club as supplier of the “Special Games”. The basketball team of the French capital city has been supported by STRAMATEL to organize a relocated special event all a week end long.

This event organized for the first time by Paris Basketball club was held in the Philippe CHATRIER tennis court, birthplace of French tennis. Paris Basketball team competed against AS Monaco Basket team in the 5th Betclic Elite day.

Match Paris Basketball contre l'AS Monaco Basket à Roland-Garos avec solutions d'affichage des scores Stramatel

For this event, STRAMATEL supplied:

  • Scoreboards and LED video screens. This equipment enhances the players and audience’s match experience by creating fan engagement and a vibrant culture around the Basketball game.
  • FIBA Level 1 approved pair of 4 sided 24/14 seconds shot clocks installed above the basketball backboards,  connected to a pair of yellow/red LED strips around the backboard Plexiglas flashing and lighting up at the end of the attack timer and the period.
  • Scoreboards, video screen and shot clocks are operated from FIBA approved set of consoles located on the referee table for an accurate timing of the match.
  • Our SL Video System software has been used during the basketball matches to design and operate the video screen as a high level scoreboard on the Roland-Garros court.

With this trustworthy collaboration, the French basketball club showed its ability to organize outstanding new events with adapted scoring solutions.