Basketball electronic scoreboards

Approved by FIBA since 2001 and partner since 2006, STRAMATEL offers a wide range of Basketball scoreboards meeting the FIBA  (International Basketball federation) highest requirements:
From portable scoreboards and shot clocks for schools, clubs to FIBA Level 1 world championships.

Readability from 35m to 160m, the Basketball scoreboards can display :
Customizable stickers or programmable team names and scrolling messages, individual fouls modules, stickers from 4 to 15 or programmable player numbers from 00 to 99, cumulative points scored by each player, programmable players names, shot clock started from 14 and 24 seconds, with or without time remaining displayed on the shot clocks, single or 4-sided, Yellow and red LED strip lighting at the end of period or flashing at the end of attack timer, countdown timer, team fouls,  Ball possession arrows, Period number, time out.

Integrated horn, wired or wireless connection, protection against damage by balls according to DIN 18032-3.

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