Stramatel appointed exclusive distributor for Precision time electronic whistle system

Stramatel is Paris Basketball Team's partner and supports team games at the Accor Arena sport hall

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Stramatel, expert in LED electronic display systems

Since 1981, STRAMATEL has become the leader in LED displays. In its factory & headquarter located in Le Cellier, French Loire Valley region, STRAMATEL has been designing and manufacturing electronic scoreboards and LED display systems for any sport disciplines as well as for industry, communication and events sectors.

With a presence in more than 90 countries, STRAMATEL is daily represented in sport events.

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For school sport facilities as well as Arenas, Stramatel develops and manufactures a complete line of electronic scoreboards and LED video systems for all sport disciplines (basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer, rugby…) in conformity with international sport federations requirements and approved by the International Basket ball Federation (FIBA)

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Communication Our product ranges

For urban areas or retail outlets, STRAMATEL offers custom-designed LED display systems to energize your communication and increase your recognition.

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Industrial Our product ranges

For any production facilities, STRAMATEL designs and produces supports customized safety and production display systems.

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Event Our product ranges

Punctual needs in LED signs for a sport event or exhibition?
Ask Stramatel for tailor-made products and services to meet your expectations.

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