Stadiums are large outdoor sports facilities designed to host thousands spectators for high-level sport competitions.

Used for different outdoor sport disciplines like Soccer, Rugby, American football, Field Hockey, Cricket, Gaelic football, Horse Polo, outdoor stadiums and soccer pitches deserve to be equipped with the most suitable electronic scoreboards or video solutions.  STRAMATEL offers a wide range of electronic scoreboards and video displays, with different adjustable readability, dedicated to all of these sport disciplines.
Do you have a special requirement for an outdoor sport?
STRAMATEL and its R&D department are at your disposal to offer and developed your custom-made solution.

STRAMATEL video screen are combined with a user-friendly software to be remotely operated by a control console to display score, timer, period number but also match events like short movies to celebrate a goal or advertising messages from your partners and sponsors.

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Corresponding products :
  • 452 FRC AD : 200m viewing distance outdoor scoreboard
    Scoreboard displaying scores, programmable team names and scrolling messages.

452FRCAD Outdoor scoreboard

  • Video screen
    Communication support to enhance your partners, broadcast animated videos but also the display of scores.

Outdoor video screen

  • Video management and software
    Allows connection between the input sources (videos, images, desks) and the video solutions allowing the diffusion of these contents: score displays and LED video screens.

Video control system

The products
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