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Stramatel, the leading European manufacturer of sports electronic displays

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Sport electronic display is STRAMATEL business core.

Since 1981, we have been conceiving and manufacturing Sports electronic scoreboards for all sport disciplines: basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer, rugby, football, Futsal, Ice hockey, water-polo

We ensure the needs of amateur and professional clubs in conformity with international sport federation requirements.

FIBA approved scoreboards

Stramatel supplies scoring solutions approved by most of federations and is a partner of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Our displays are approved for all levels of competition.

French quality manufacturing

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Our full range of scoring and timing LED display systems are manufactured and assembled in France to ensure the complete quality control of our production process. A “made in France” production ensures the highest quality electronic scoreboards:  Ball shock resistance (DIN 18032-3) and 10 years SMD LED display warranty. Our R&D department is involved in the design of our scoring system to ensure an optimal reactivity and quality production. Meeting your needs in LED electronic display systems with custom-made solutions is STRAMATEL daily concern.




Why our customers choose STRAMATEL

  • A team at your service
  • Several hundred thousands users of our LED scoring & timing systems all over the world.
  • Scoring displays meeting amateur and professional clubs requirements for all sport competitions.
  • LED electronic display systems developed and approved for and by international sport federations
  • Awareness of high quality requirements from users involved in sport : ball shock certification, ISO 9001….)
Our must-haves
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