Touchscreen console Sportab

Multisport touchscreen console Sportab

The Multisport touchscreen console Sportab is an alternative or add-on solution to the existing FIBA control consoles for any Stramatel Multisport scoreboards from current and previous generations.

Intuitive, user-friendly, easy-to-use and modern design, the Multisport touchscreen console Sportab operates remotely Stramatel Multisport scoreboards and is programmed for 9 sport disciplines basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal, netball

The 10” touchscreen makes the control of your scoreboard easy and comfortable. With an autonomy up to 13 hours, be confident to time your sport events until the end.

The Non-Slip Silicone cover at the back and the 3-layer screen protector in front guarantee robustness.

The operation between the Sportab and the scoreboard is wireless or optionally wired.

multisport touchscreen console sportab stramatel characteristics

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  • Dimensions 245,2 x 149,4 x 7,5 mm
  • Touchscreen size 10,1''
  • Autonomy Up to 13 hours
  • Resolution 1 900 x 1 200 pixels
  • Connection USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Protection 3-layer screen protector
  • Matériaux Non-slip silicone cover at the back
  • Accessories Hand and neck straps + holding bracket
  • Weight 0,6 kg
  • Transmission Radio or wired
  • Power supply Rechargeable integrated Lithium battery


  • Operating electronic scoreboards and configuring the scoreboard display
  • Multisport Program (9 sport disciplines)


  • Possession control console Sportab

The advantages of the product

  • 13 hours autonomy – integrated lithium battery
  • Wide 10,1'' (255 mm) tactile screen
  • High robustness, shock resistance. Non-Slip Silicone cover at the back + 3-layer screen protector
  • Hand and neck straps for use in movement + holding bracket for use from referee table
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