Scoreboard 452 MB 7120-2

452 MB 7120-2 scoreboard

Multisport wireless display board with 17 digits of 25 & 20 cm for a readability of 110 m, wall mounting, suitable for high level clubs, FIBA Approved.

  • Multi-sport display board for 14 sports including badminton, basketball, boxing, ice hockey, indoor football/futsal, indoor handball, indoor hockey, in-line hockey, roller hockey, tennis, table tennis, floorball, volleyball as well as free mode and timer/training
  • Ball-proof, anti-glare, polycarbonate front DIN 18032-3
  • Programmable team names and running messages, scores with count up or count down playing time, period number, team fouls, time out, exclusion time or time out count down • Individual foul modules for Basket ball with programmable player numbers from 00 to 99
  • Customizable bottom modules with stickers or logo
  • Display of day time when the scoreboard is not in use
  • For indoor use
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  • Dimensions 3204 x 2000 x 90 mm
  • Readability 110 m
  • Digit maximum size 25 cm
  • Weight 106 Kg
  • Display High brightness SMD LED
  • Angle view 160°
  • Transmission Wireless
  • Power supply 230 V /110 V (mains)


  • Timer or Day time (4 digits)
  • Score (0 to 199)
  • Period number
  • Programmable team names and scrolling text messages display
  • Ball possession indicator (Arrow)
  • Team fouls or exclusion timers
  • Horn
  • Time out
  • Multisport Program (14 sport disciplines)
  • Exclusion timer by Shirt number


  • DCF radio synchronization antenna (for Europe) or GPS antenna
  • Installation support frame
  • Pair of shot clocks

The advantages of the product

  • Wireless control console supplied. Make your Android device + Free of charge Multisport STRAMATEL application a Touch screen keyboard compatible with any STRAMATEL scoreboard
  • Optimum visibility gained by homogenous LED lighting and anti-reflection Perspex
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate front face (DIN 18032-3 standard)
  • Level 2 FIBA ​​approved scoreboard
  • Advertising space available for tailor-made sticking
  • USB port for firmware updates (simple, quick and cheap)
  • 10-year warranty in material and 3 years in LED display (parts and labour)
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