Video screen LED

Stramatel offers a complete range of LED video screens for all uses: a very high quality display for use in gymnasiums and arenas, resistance to harsh weather conditions for pitches and stadiums and a specific anti-corrosion resistance in pools and rinks .

Take advantage of your communication support to enhance your partners, broadcast videos and also display the scores.

The size of the video screens is flexible according to your expectations and your technical constraints. We support you throughout your project to determine the most suitable product for your needs.

I'm interested for


  • Dimensions Unlimited possibilities, make up the video cube you want !
  • Pitch from 3 to 10 mm
  • Readability from 3 to 200 m
  • Display High brightness LEDs
  • Power supply 230V / 110V (mains)


  • Media Broadcasting: advertising, players presentation, sponsors message, live, replays ...
  • Endless customization of scoring display


  • Video control system
  • Scoring Software - SL Video System
  • Bespoke Video display software
  • Installation support frame

The advantages of the product

  • Made-to-measure LED video screen
  • Customized video control system adapted to the use
  • Use of thin pitch for a stunning display
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