SL Video System

The SL Video System allows to display on our LED screens all the information of the Stramatel scoreboards such as :

Stopwatch of playing time; Period and extra time; Team score and score per player; Name of the teams and name of the players; Bib number; Individual penalties; Time out ; Exclusion timers with bib number; Shot clocks 24 seconds; Games, sets; Scrolling messages;

On the other hand, SL video system allows to highlight sponsors and animate events ; manage and display media contents such as images, videos, RSS feeds …

SL video software is user-friendly, display the wallpaper of your choice and add the different score items of your choice.
You can set font, size and colors. With the alignment and ranking functions, you will easily put your different objects on the page.

Select an official template approved by international federations or create one or more templates in advance and mix your different creations in the desired format.


In addition, thanks to the SL remote you can control and animate the SL video system remotely with a touch pad.

I'm interested for


  • Media Broadcasting: advertising, players presentation, sponsors message, live, replays ...
  • Endless customization of scoring display

The advantages of the product

  • Display customization according to the sports practiced and the game level
  • Made-to measure system completed by additional video control system
  • Developped by Stramatel teams
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