Indoor LED video perimeter

Indoor LED video Perimeter

Display your sponsors advertising close to your sporting events with the Stramatel outdoor LED video perimeters. We offer a full range of LED edge-of-field panels to be used in your Sports halls and Arenas.

Whatever the level of practice, amateur or professional, the Stramatel outdoor LED video perimeters will meet your needs and your budget. Tailor-made solutions ranging from less than 2 meters to more than 200 linear meters and according to your display wishes, Stramatel adapts its video control solution:

Stramatel provides complete video management systems to manage all of your displays and broadcasting media.

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  • Dimensions Unlimited possibilities
  • Pitch From 3 to 8 mm
  • Readability From 5 to 200 m
  • Display LED SMD 3 in 1
  • Power supply 230 V (On mains)


  • Broadcast of multimedia contents highlighting partners and sponsors
  • Endless customization of scoring display


  • Video control system
  • Scoring Software - SL Video System
  • Bespoke Video display software
  • Flight case for transport and storage

The advantages of the product

  • Designing of your tailor-made LED video perimeter
  • Balls shock resistance
  • Secured with foam pad
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Great flexibility of use with our boards adapted to the desired uses
  • Use of thin pitch for a stunning display
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