Red + yellow LED strips

Since 2017, FIBA (International basketball federation) requires to display LED strips around each backboard of the Basketball courts to be approved for international competitions : FIBA level 1 and FIBA level 2.

The yellow and red LED strips light at the end of each period or flash at the end of the attack timer.

The LED strips are directly powered by the shot clocks mounted behind the backboard.

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  • Transmission Wired
  • Power supply 24 V
  • Installation Around any backboard perimeter at the top, mounted on its inside border


  • The red and yellow LED strips light up: in yellow only when the shot clock signal sounds, in red at the end of the game clock.
  • The red and yellow LED strips are used for high level FIBA and Euroleague competitions

The advantages of the product

  • FIBA approved
  • Adapted to be set on most of backboards
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