Team-Timeout Request System (remote)

Team-Timeout Request System (remote)

Time out request system for Water polo and Handball Stramatel has developed a time out request system for coaches. 

Wireless connected to the water polo or handball scoreboard main console, a coach can request a time out for his team. Each coach of the team has a handheld remote to request at any time automatically a time out.

When the coach requests a time-out, he will press the button of the remote control so:

– The match timer stops

– The buzzer sounds

– The time-out timer starts

– The time-out is added on the scoreboard to indicate the number of used time outs for each team.

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  • Transmission Wireless - Clear range 30 m
  • Compatibility With any water polo or multisport Stramatel scoreboards


  • Time out request system for water polo, handball or any team sports
  • Automatic reaction of the scoreboard

The advantages of the product

  • Radio receiver integrated in the scoreboard
  • Wireless controllers
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