Team-Timeout Request System

Team-Timeout Request System

The Team Timeout request system (Buzzer) is a pair of 2 columns with push buttons at the top, one unit for each Handball team coach.

This TTO system is directly connected to the Stramatel Multisport console.

At any time during the Handball game, the team coach can request a time out by pressing the push button.

The request is remotely sent to the Stramatel scoreboard:

  • The scoreboard timer is automatically stopped
  • The horn sounds to indicate the time out timer has been launched
  • The time out count down automatically starts
  • 10 seconds before the end of the Time out, the horn sounds
  • The horn sounds at the end of the countdown timer

This system can be used in addition with the Team-Timeout Request System (remote).

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  • Dimensions 125 x 100 x 100 mm (HxLxD)
  • Base Stable Ø 30 cm
  • Weight 14 kg per column
  • Transmission Wired with the Stramatel control consol
  • Compatibility With all Stramatel Multisports score displays


  • Time out request
  • Automatic reaction of the scoreboard

The advantages of the product

  • Synchronization with the control consol and the Stramatel score display
  • Approved for international competitions
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