L-TOP Wrestling scoreboard

L-TOP Wrestling scoreboard

The L-TOP is a high quality portable Wrestling scoreboard running on on mains or on batteries (20h autonomy). This Wrestling scoreboard is controlled by a built-in foldable console at the rear.

The L-TOP portable scoreboard displays the main Wrestling contests information: score, period number, winner of the period, timer and warning (Av).

See what is displayed on the scoreboard thanks to a LCD screen on the control console.

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  • Dimensions 730 x 370 x 110 mm
  • Readability 35 m
  • Max digits height 9 cm
  • Weight 5,5 kg
  • Display High brightness SMD LED
  • Angle view 160 °
  • Power supply 230 V (mains) or 13,6 VDc (battery)


  • Score display
  • Displaying warnings
  • Round number
  • Winner designation
  • Stopwatch
  • Buzzer


  • Transport case
  • Repeater clock

The advantages of the product

  • Built-in main console foldable on the back of the display
  • Optimum visibility gained by homogenous LED lighting and anti-reflection Perspex
  • Ergonomic, lightweight, easy to transport and store, the L-TOP is manufactured using an eco-design approach to minimize energy consumption and the impact of transportation
  • 10 years warranty on the LED display and 3 years on the scoreboard
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