Stanchion LED displays

Stanchion LED displays

Stramatel designs and supplies Stanchion LED displays to be installed behind any Basketball backboards in your Sports halls and Arenas.

The stanchion LED displays, installed on the backboards offers a new opportunity to make more visible your sponsor ads and messages during the match.

These new advertising LED display on the backboards are shot by cameras and showed on TV. The audience of your sponsor ads and messages are exponentially increased. The sponsor ads and messages are at the closest to the match actions. These additional display can be easily installed and integrated into existing display sport venue networks.

Whatever the level of practice, amateur or professional, the Stramatel Stanchion LED displays also called Dynamic LED solutions will meet your needs and your budget.
We supply standard or made-to-measure solutions to follow your requirements.

Stramatel provides complete video management systems to manage all of your display and broadcasting media. Stramatel video control systems for such video screens can be very economical and user-friendly.

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  • Dimensions Made-to-measure
  • Pitch From 3 to 6 mm
  • Readability From 3 to 200 m
  • Display LED SMD 3 in 1
  • Power 230 V (On mains)
  • Installation Behind any Basketball backboard on supports


  • Display of sponsors ads and messages or match information
  • Scoring display on customized templates on demand


  • Video control system
  • Scoring software - SL Video System

The advantages of the product

  • High visibility by TV ameras and audience. sponsor ads and messages closest to the match actions.
  • Made-to-measure Stanchion LED displays
  • Integration into exisiting display sport venue networks
  • Top protected with foam
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