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Stramatel: a scoreboard to fit the occasion

Stramatel is a French-based company who designs and manufactures electronic scoreboards, for sports competitions. With installations in sports arenas, sports halls and clubs across the world, Stramatel scoreboards are recognised as state of the art display equipment and are approved by international sports federations. Used at high and small competing levels; a whole range of LED scoreboards are available for specific sports and multi-purpose scoreboards for sports complexes holding events for several disciplines.

Stramatel scoreboards exist in a variety of models for indoor and outdoor sports and in a variety of dimensions, designed and programmed for perfect visibility at the required distance and angle for your sports venue. Ergonomic, portable scoreboards that are easy to transport and use are ideal for competitions away from home, where your reliable equipment can be used on mains or battery to suit the venue.

Stramatel has developed its new LED technology, ultra-sensitive sensors and radio-controlled consoles for optimal display of scores, but also a number of display features according to each sport: penalty, time out, team fault, timer and horn, with models hosting several languages for international meetings. Models are available for competitions of all levels, from the smallest local match to major international events. Stramatel has adapts its know-how to meet the specific requirements of each scoreboard installation. Do you require a scoreboard with integrated video images for your sponsors? Moving messages or display team player names? Stramatel puts its expertise at your service for a made to measure solution.

Scoreboards: LED technology applied

LED scoreboards by Stramatel use the latest developments in LED technology for high performance displays, quality readability at distance and from a wide-angle range. Feel free to view some Stramatel scoreboard installations.

Stramatel has applied its technology to create a range of display equipment ideal for industry and emergency call stations, taking its expertise into fields outside the realm of sport.

If you would like to find out more about Stramatel scoreboards, please contact us.

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August 2013

The FIBA Eurobasket 2013 will take place from 4th September until 22nd September 2013 in Slovenia. All the sport halls hosting FIBA Eurobasket 2013 games are equipped with STRAMATEL scoreboards and...

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June 2013

In the sports halls equipped by STRAMATEL scoreboards, the referees and FIBA employees got used to the control panels easily. During the matches they were accompanied by the Stramatel...

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