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Electronic scoreboards

Electronic scoreboards: keeping count with Stramatel

Stramatel is the leading European designer and manufacturer of electronic scoreboards, top of the range equipment used in sporting events across the world. We are so used to seeing them we take their presence for granted, trusting that one look will tell us the latest score, evolution of our match or game from major international events to the local football team match.

Electronic scoreboards by Stramatel come in a variety of dimensions, the larger models used in world championships in sports such as basketball are approved by the FIBA (International Basketball Federation – the quality of materials, accuracy and perfect visibility at distance set Stramatel electronic scoreboards apart as high performance, new generation equipment for sporting events.

Stramatel has developed its new LED technology, ultra-sensitive sensors and radio-controlled consoles for electronic scoreboards that optimise the display of scores for a whole range of sports. Available for major competitions and the smallest sports hall, Stramatel has adapted its technology to meet the specific score display needs for different settings. Martial arts clubs, outdoor sports, swimming events are offered their own sports specific electronic scoreboard. For multisport centres, the Stramatel SUPER PRO, PRO, COMPACT models are designed to display the score for several sports in one piece of equipment.

Electronic scoreboards: the latest score at Stramatel

Electronic scoreboards have brought Stramatel international recognition for its state of the art technology and manufacturing, with users in both amateur and high level competitions spread across the globe. The Stramatel expertise has led to the design of portable scoreboards, timing equipment for swimming events, clock and timers and displays for industry and emergency call stations where information is to be shared quickly and accurately by all with access to the LED display panel.

If you would like to find out more about Stramatel electronic scoreboards, please contact us.

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August 2013

The FIBA Eurobasket 2013 will take place from 4th September until 22nd September 2013 in Slovenia. All the sport halls hosting FIBA Eurobasket 2013 games are equipped with STRAMATEL scoreboards and...

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June 2013

In the sports halls equipped by STRAMATEL scoreboards, the referees and FIBA employees got used to the control panels easily. During the matches they were accompanied by the Stramatel...

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