Waterpolo control console

Control console for Stramatel waterpolo scoreboards.

Intuitive control

Stramatel’s goal is to provide the easiest way to control the score display and this requires an intuitive control keyboard. Each sport has its own program with memorization and pre-selection of parameters.

Fast updates

A USB port has also been integrated into Stramatel keyboards allowing simple, fast and cost-effective updates.

In case of changes to the federal regulations, we send to our customers a USB stick in which the new regulations are loaded. Then simply connect the key to the console after pressing two keys and updates will download automatically.

I'm interested for


  • Dimensions 340 x 175 x 60 mm
  • Display LCD display with 2 lines of 20 characters of 9 mm
  • Transmission Radio or wired
  • Power supply 230 V (mains) or 12VDc (battery)
  • Connectors USB, DIN


  • Scoreboard management and score items transmission
  • Water Polo program

The advantages of the product

  • 16 hours autonomy in battery operation
  • USB port for firmware updates (simple, quick and cheap)
  • Very high strength for impact resistance
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