Exclusion time display WP

Exclusion time display WP

Combined with our radio controlled STRAMATEL water polo scoreboard, the WP Exclusion time display improves water polo players pool entrance management.

When an exclusion time is launched, the WP displays the remaining time until the excluded water polo player can return to play. The last 5 seconds exclusion time will be displayed. At the end of that time a green dot is displayed for 4 seconds.

The WP display model is ball shock resistant with a unbreakable polycarbonate front face.

The display can be installed at each side of the marking table and brings relevant information about water polo exclusions to referees, teams, players and audience.

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  • Dimensions 500 x 300 x 65 mm
  • Readability 35 m
  • Digit maximum size 9 cm
  • Weight 2,5 Kg per display
  • Display High brightness SMD LED
  • Angle view 160°
  • Transmission Radio
  • Power supply 230 V /110 V (mains) or on battery


  • Display of water polo exclusion time
  • Green dot indicating exclusion time has elapsed

The advantages of the product

  • Optimum visibility gained by homogenous LED lighting and anti-reflection Perspex
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate front face (DIN 18032-3 standard)
  • 10-year warranty in material and 3 years in LED display (parts and labour)
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