Aquatouch touch pads

Aquatouch touch pads

Stramatel offers made-to-measure touch pads adapted to the customers pool including 240mm FINA approved touch pads.

The AquaTouch pads are easy to install and remain in a stable vertical position against the pool wall despite turbulent pool water conditions.
The non-slip and non-abrasive surface of the AquaTouch pads offer ease and comfort to competitors’ impacts and ensure reliability.


Lighter: Easier to carry and take in and out of the water.

Fixed only from the top: No need of front drilling and clamping.

Better grip: More efficiency and speed for the swimmers.

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  • Very accurate recording of swimmers' arrival and arrival times

The advantages of the product

  • Compatible with a Stramatel swimming timing system or other timing system
  • Complies with the latest FINA regulations
  • Material that can be put in place and removed between each competition without loss of efficiency thanks to its robustness
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