New Stramatel Water-Polo application

New Stramatel Water-Polo application

After Stramatel Multisport, Stramatel Outsport and Stramatel Icesport we launch a new application: Stramatel Water Polo!

With the Stramatel application, take maximum advantage of your scoreboard data. The Stramatel control consoles from the 452 Androïd generation can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet with a secure connection.

This 452 Android™ application enables to:

– Share match results via sms, e-mails and on social networks. You can send instantaneously the data of your electronic display device to your distribution list, and release them on the social networks. Your friends, contacts and followers will know immediately the results issued by the score table.

– Control your Android™ Stramatel console from your smartphone or tablet:

You can program the team’s names on your smartphone or tablet, and send them to the scoreboard.

You can also enter or modify the moving messages for your alphanumerical scoreboard, without using the control console.

From your smartphone or tablet, you can as well increment points, launch or stop the timer.